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Every now and then someone contacts me and asks me to scribble something special for someone special. It’s the usual story of girl likes boy, or boy likes girl… or boy likes boy, or girl likes… you get it. it’s all about people liking the pants of other people, and I for one think it’s wonderful. I scribble because you love:)

A very permanent scribblecrush

This is one of the earliest ‘scribblecrush’ illustrations (originally posted on Google+) – the tattoo artist has done an amazing job improving the art and making it suitable for a more permanent canvas.

What do boys know, anyway?

I can absolutely remember the first time I looked at a girl and liked her. Like, LIKE liked her. This was quite a revelation to me because, just moments before, the sum total of my feelings for her were the desire to bury her in the sand pit and surround her with sweets to see if ants would eat her and, if they did – how long until there was just a skeleton left? Then I’d own a skeleton! Epic!

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Scientists that do mind-bonkingly difficult things with numbers on dusty blackboards go ON AND ON about distances. Interstellar distances , they burble through be-tangled mustachios, are SO vast that light itself packs a pretty hefty cut lunch before it sets off. Then for the nonce, the BASTARD scientists pop an LED-encrusted helmet and a webcam on a little droid and shoot it DIRECTLY INTO the vastly dark, silent freezing nothingness on a one way journey to the place where time began. And if you read the right type of journal, they tell you how its feeling about the diode-crushing isolation for months and months before it stops talking to us at all. Not because it dies, but because there is NO COMING BACK. It just goes on & on & on FOR EVER…

Halloween Twenty·13

Halloween Twenty 13

Happy Halloween twenty thirteen! I’ve had somewhat of a difficult day, what with my girlfriend eating my brains and all. I had just made a toasted Camembert sandwich and was about to feed the pumpkin beast when hey ho, she lops my head in half and downs my cerebellum with a spork. Typical!

Love is: holding hands when things are cloudy

One of the toughest challenges in any relationship (as partner, parent, sibling, friend or lover) is to endure the rough and ugly moments. Life is not the movies where the only moments we will ever share are those well-parcelled little moments of perfection. There is a whole heap of less than delightful stuff that goes on too, and ultimately they are what make those other moments so wonderful.

Digital Love

The world is a new place; boundaries and distances are nothing to love and friendships. Every day, we meet and laugh with people ten thousand miles away over coffee, and think nothing of it.

Love Is: Unspoken

The world is bursting with ‘words of wisdom’ when it comes to love and matters of the heart. Little pearls and gems that we read in passing and think to ourselves “Oh, I totally understand that!”. One thing I’ve found is that there are always times when you simply cannot find the words you want to express everything that is in your heart.

Love Is: Proud

Love can span any divide; of society, politics, religion, race and gender. The challenges that this puts before us can be enormously overwhelming; in this world that often tries to belittle and damage us not for something we have chosen but for a decision in which we had no choice.

The Viking Warrior

I left on a rainy afternoon in a small raft, following the Great Southern Tuna migration through the icy Northern seas. I was hoping to catch something worthy of a great sandwich: Tuna, sweet-corn, mayonnaise and chilli flakes. Accompanied with honey mead, this is a kingly meal; but it does require a kingly tuna to make it.

Love Is: A Warrior

No relationship is without its difficulties; anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. We will have challenges, but we should see them as opportunities for growth and a deeper understanding and unity between each other.

Love Is: Growing Something Amazing

Learning how to understand someone and communicate with them effectively is just one step towards creating a truly unique and lasting relationship. Being able to grow together through even the most painfully trying times (when you really just want to walk away) can result in a depth of understanding and passion that no-one else can touch.

Love Is: Uplifting

There is a heady intoxication associated with love. Powerful emotions fill us, surging and roaring, making our every thought brighter. Suddenly no dream seems unlikely, no fantasy too far-fetched, no life more satisfying.

Love Is: Conquering Fears Together

Life provides innumerable reasons to be afraid. When we’re young, it’s fears of failing tests, or being caught stealing the loose change out of your mum’s purse. Then as we get a little older it can be fear of rejection by our friends, fear of not being good enough for someone special…

Love Is: Shared Moments

The silliest things we say and do with our loved ones often become our most lasting memories, and the times we remember most fondly. Whether it’s a night under the stars in the backyard, a romantic holiday to a haven by the sea, or a simple but special moment shared at your own kitchen table.

Love Is: Simple Gifts

The simple gifts we give each other, both material and emotional, are things that can change a person’s perspective, uplift them, make them smile and most importantly, they show how much we truly understand and care for one another.

Love Is: Always With You

Remember when you were about sixteen, and that first love came out of nowhere? Do you remember how the entire world burst into vibrant colour from a single point of adoration?

Love Is: Sharing Headphones

One of the craziest things about falling in love with someone is that all the songs start making sense. Old songs you never particularly liked before become vitally important, and Top 40 stuff you’d never usually admit to listening to makes your feet tap and your heart bop

for Simon ‘Ray’ Pam

Not five minutes ago while enjoying my moonlit repast, I spied two young lovers ‘neath a grove of poplars. They enjoyed the silvery light of the moon together, she reading tomes unknown while he looked to the heavens and named each glorious light for her.

Forty Five Years

For my parents WJ and EM who celebrate their 45th anniversary this month.