Love Is: Unspoken

The world is bursting with ‘words of wisdom’ when it comes to love and matters of the heart. Little pearls and gems that we read in passing and think to ourselves “Oh, I totally understand that!”. One thing I’ve found is that there are always times when you simply cannot find the words you want to express everything that is in your heart.

So many of the emotions we experience in a relationship go so deep and incorporate so many elements and experiences of love that simple words are not enough. It can be frustrating when someone asks “Do you really love me?”; the flood of adoration that fills you simply explodes, yet catches in your throat. The right words just don’t come, and could never be enough. That is the very moment when when all that is unspoken can been seen clearly in your eyes, and in the small yet significant things we do for each other.

And yet more practically (and at no better time of year than now!) there is another kind of ‘unspoken love’. The love you have held secretly and securely in your heart for so long and never revealed. Wonderful words left unsaid to someone significant that, if uttered, may just change your life and move all horizons and boundaries.

If the experience of sharing these scribbles and thoughts has given me anything, it is the knowledge that saying how you feel about life and love is a wonderful thing. This Valentines Day, find your courage and don’t leave those things that fill your heart unspoken. If you know who holds your heart, give it to them without reservation. It is the beginning of an unknown future you may just enjoy for the rest of your life.

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