Love Is: Simple Gifts

Relationships aren’t simply something that we’re in; they are something we create. We do this every day, with conversation and shared space and small (but important) gestures.

When someone is having the most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day¹, it can all be change with a loving word or a simple, silly gift. Something you know means the world to them. It could be a coffee unasked for, or being taken out for a really scrummy lunch, or a bag of caramel popcorn after dinner (something they haven’t had in years, but you know they love!)

The simple gifts we give each other, both material and emotional, are things that can change a person’s perspective, uplift them, make them smile and most importantly, they show how much we truly understand and care for one another.

¹ from “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, very Bad Day”
Written by Judith Viorst · Illustrated by Ray Cruz
Published: 1972 · ISBN: 0-689-30072-7
(A children’s title I highly recommend!)