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My favourite piece of romantic writing is by Shakespeare. It’s from Act II scene I of Hamlet. It is known as “The letter to Ophelia”. If you don’t know it, go look it up. It will blow your socks off. If your socks were already off, it would blow the rest of your clothes off. And I think that was, generally speaking, the effect William was going for.

Bunny and Butterfly

Today is one of those days where I should be drawing many other things, but when I took the cap off the pen, nothing I wanted to to draw came out. Just other things. Bunny and Butterfly isn’t anything I meant to draw. These things happen.

A very permanent scribblecrush

This is one of the earliest ‘scribblecrush’ illustrations (originally posted on Google+) – the tattoo artist has done an amazing job improving the art and making it suitable for a more permanent canvas.

Making a love connection

Hoping to make a connection in a world utterly saturated with all-that-glitters seems a desperately futile task. Our attention span is becoming increasingly narrow, and the sheer amount of awesome required to truly impress people is, quite frankly, ridiculous. But this might get their attention.

Love flows better with Artline

…these things just kind of leak out when I take the lid off. Today I found the LoveBot mk.IV hidden away in an old 0.1 I left under my keyboard. He kind of just eeked out looking all frantic and frazzled, like he had something important to tell someone. Then the the girl kind of just started soaking into the page, and it was pretty clear what his problem was.

What do boys know, anyway?

I can absolutely remember the first time I looked at a girl and liked her. Like, LIKE liked her. This was quite a revelation to me because, just moments before, the sum total of my feelings for her were the desire to bury her in the sand pit and surround her with sweets to see if ants would eat her and, if they did – how long until there was just a skeleton left? Then I’d own a skeleton! Epic!

Love is: holding hands when things are cloudy

One of the toughest challenges in any relationship (as partner, parent, sibling, friend or lover) is to endure the rough and ugly moments. Life is not the movies where the only moments we will ever share are those well-parcelled little moments of perfection. There is a whole heap of less than delightful stuff that goes on too, and ultimately they are what make those other moments so wonderful.

Digital Love

The world is a new place; boundaries and distances are nothing to love and friendships. Every day, we meet and laugh with people ten thousand miles away over coffee, and think nothing of it.

Dalek Seeks Significant Other

… if your existence began on Skaro, you’d have every reason to be feeling pretty hard done by at this time of year. It would be understandable if you were left feeling somewhat disheartened and perhaps even murderous.

Love Is: Proud

Love can span any divide; of society, politics, religion, race and gender. The challenges that this puts before us can be enormously overwhelming; in this world that often tries to belittle and damage us not for something we have chosen but for a decision in which we had no choice.

Love Is: Uplifting

There is a heady intoxication associated with love. Powerful emotions fill us, surging and roaring, making our every thought brighter. Suddenly no dream seems unlikely, no fantasy too far-fetched, no life more satisfying.

Love Is: Shared Moments

The silliest things we say and do with our loved ones often become our most lasting memories, and the times we remember most fondly. Whether it’s a night under the stars in the backyard, a romantic holiday to a haven by the sea, or a simple but special moment shared at your own kitchen table.

Love Is: Simple Gifts

The simple gifts we give each other, both material and emotional, are things that can change a person’s perspective, uplift them, make them smile and most importantly, they show how much we truly understand and care for one another.