A very permanent scribblecrush

Jessica’s tattoo – much improved on the illustration!

An early scribblecrush gets very permanent

I never imagined drawing would amount to anything more than a personal enjoyment, and something to do with my daughter. In fact, I don’t even recall why I first started sharing any of it on Google+ – a very new platform at the time. What I was sharing was rather silly really, and not particularly talented – but for whatever reason, it seemed to connect with some people. After a couple of requests to draw for boyfriends/girlfriends, I came up with the ‘scribblecrush’ idea – to draw and send anonymous love notes for people on social media. I didn’t have a website or anything fancy back then, just a folder on my hard-drive with a photographs of illustrations (I didn’t have a scanner). I came up with fancy ways of photographing them to try and improve the way they looked (ie: balancing them over a warm light globe which you can see it clearly here) – and drew in my spare time; usually between getting my daughter to bed and dawn. I honestly don’t think I averaged more than 4 hours sleep a night for many months when scribblegraph really started happening.

Thinking back to that early stuff brings a bit of a smile. There are people who supported and encouraged me back then who are still in touch with me, and nothing is as wonderful as that. So when Jessica tweeted her new tattoo last week, I was absolutely floored. It is one of the earliest ‘scribblecrush’ illustrations (originally posted on now defunct Google+) and her tattoo artist did an amazing job improving the art and making it suitable for a more permanent canvas.

Mike Skoyec, my bestest best friend, commissioned this piece from you as a surprise because he knew how much I love your work. The tattoo was done by Jason Keene during a guest spot at A Body Of Art in Sarasota, FL. His home shop is Turnpike Tattoo and Body Piercing in Meriden, CT.

This wasn’t the only Star Wars themed scribblecrush request, but to my knowledge it’s the only one inked on flesh. Thanks, Jessica!

If you’d like to request a ‘scribblecrush’ for someone, please contact me on Twitter 🙂

Go say hello to Jessica at some places: Twitter · Google+

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