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I reckon NO-ONE ever reads these tag descriptors. If you see this, then for some reason you’re searching for my mice. Do me a favour, take 3 seconds to send me a tweet. Here, you can just copy-paste this: “Hey @scribblegraph – I’m mouse-hunting ♥” – then I’ll know people really come here:)

The Pilchard and the Mouse

The Pilchard & the Mouse (or) Mr Cod’s nasty headache Yesterday I posted ‘Bunny & the Butterfly‘ and it was the cause of some rather earnest consternation over on Google Plus (now defunct). Someone couldn’t quite figure out what it was that the bunny was holding. He went on and on about …

A very permanent scribblecrush

This is one of the earliest ‘scribblecrush’ illustrations (originally posted on Google+) – the tattoo artist has done an amazing job improving the art and making it suitable for a more permanent canvas.

the Ides of March scribblegraph Wallpaper Pack

Normally these would be filed away under Members Only Downloads – however, I’m well sleepy after a stupendously gluttonous birthday feast, and I’m still not in my right mind. So, I’ve decided to just give these away to anyone & everyone who wants them.

Le mantra de la souris

“The Mantra of the Mouse” – The very short tail of François Begnaud du Moule (Noblesse d’épée) – a Parisian mouse in London.