The Pilchard and the Mouse

The Pilchard & the Mouse (or) Mr Cod’s nasty headache

Yesterday I posted ‘Bunny & the Butterfly‘ and it was the cause of some rather earnest consternation over on Google Plus (now defunct). Someone couldn’t quite figure out what it was that the bunny was holding. He went on and on about keys and pilchards and corned goods. Honestly, I think he’s been up there in Scotland on a cask tour. Meaning: his whole trip is undertaken from the inside of a cask of scotch. Oh, Cod! make sure you try the Bunnahabhain Islay single malt! I digress from mice & pilchards. Here’s what Cod Codliness had to say:

i’m a tad puzzled as to what the bunny is holding – it seems to be one of three things:

1. A windup key

2. One of those tin opening keys you find on tins of pilchards (for some reason which was never clear to me – I mean, why are pilchards the only things that got their own key? Oh, and corned beef. That got a key too, There’s not even a connection between those two things, it’s like they were chosen at random. Maybe it was some kind of humanity intelligence test, performed under double blind conditions by aliens, who forgot why they were doing it in the first place, and left before releasing the results. Or got bored, or were discouraged by the results, and so decided not to give us the solutions to our many problems. Although, we did end up with tins of beans with tab pulls to open them. Maybe that’s what the aliens gifted us for our unwitting participation).

3. Oh, yeah, sorry, i got a bit carried away by number 2, and forgot about 3. Which is, umm, a hairclip. Or maybe it’s a hare clip.

So obviously something rattling around in old Cod’s watery head had slipped a few feet side-wards. Not all of his sandwiches were in the basket, so to speak. He’s got a line in the water but no bait on the hook (and other references questioning his current sanity). But you know how they say the pen is mightier than the sword, well – here you are Mr Cod, immortalized in watercolour for all to see, in all your wondrous, scaly glory.

Incidentally, today the scribblegraph site passed 30,000 visitors which was a bit special. So it’s fitting to scribble a little something for someone like Mr. Cod who has been supporting me forever & a day. Thank you to all those who drop me a little comment and say how much they enjoy all my silly scribbles – I appreciate all the lovely stuff you write.

And Mr. Cod – truly hoping  your headache is all better!

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