Bunny and Butterfly

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Bunny and Butterfly

Today is one of those days where I should be drawing many other things, but when I took the cap off the pen, nothing I wanted to to draw came out. Just other things. Bunny and Butterfly isn’t anything I meant to draw, but Flea likes it (especially the bit with the worm and the snail) so here it is. You can even download the wallpaper: links at the bottom of the page! You know, right click & all that jazz.

Oh, a little shout out to a special someone. On Twitter recently,  one of my follower’s daughters has been scribbling lovely illustrations and sending them to me. It is very sweet! She is going to be a truly marvelous artist one day. She enjoys scribblegraph and sometimes she re-illustrates some of my silly old scribblecrush things – and she does a much better job than I ever did! The twitter account is private so had better not mention any names… so, “Hey you! keep being wonderful at drawing!”

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Download this wallpaper: 1680×1050 • 1920×1080

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