Love flows better with Artline

Love flows better with Artline

When I manage to scratch out a few hours to scribble in between shifts at the sandwich bar, I rarely have any idea what is going to come out the other end. It is not unusual for me to sit down & just let stuff happen on the page. I have this image of all these drawings being trapped inside my pens and they just kind of… leak out when I take the lid off. Today I found the LoveBot mk.IV hidden away in an old 0.1 I left under my keyboard. He kind of just eeked out looking all frantic and frazzled, like he had something important to tell someone. Then the girl kind of just started soaking into the page, and it was pretty clear what his problem was. So I gave him a pen of his own so he could to write down what he was trying to say. He was in love – head-over-heels, stupid-look-on-your-face fall-over-your-own-feet in love.

…poor guy. I kind of know just how he feels. There’s a girl like that in my life. She comes by the sandwich bar at midday on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She loves tuna melts with avocado, and I secretly put lots of filling in. I think she knows… and I think she might like me too, because I caught her looking at me yesterday. It was a look that said, “I really like your sandwiches!” – and that’s a good enough starting point for me. I’ll probably marry her.

Available now on cards/postcards and as a print from my RedBubble store.

Initial sketches

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