Love Is: Uplifting

There is a heady intoxication associated with love. Powerful emotions fill us, surging and roaring, making our every thought brighter. Suddenly no dream seems unlikely, no fantasy too far-fetched, no life more satisfying. When that amazing someone walks into your life, you imagine all the futures before you in every direction, and you want to run down every path… immediately!

Love gives us a sense of belief and faith in each other, a sense of belonging and value. Love can supply us with a strength and courage that perhaps we didn’t know we possessed. A relationship of love (between two people, amongst a family or community) strengthens every person within it immeasurably. It uplifts us when perhaps we cannot find the belief in ourselves.

Most importantly, the love we give to each other is the bond that strengthens us as a whole. It consoles, nurtures and encourages us at every turn, and is what can carry us away completely:)