What do boys know, anyway?

I can absolutely remember the first time I looked at a girl and liked her. Like, LIKE liked her. This was quite a revelation to me because, just moments before, the sum total of my feelings for her were the desire to bury her in the sand pit and surround her with sweets to see if ants would eat her and, if they did – how long until there was just a skeleton left? Then I’d own a skeleton! Epic! But without fanfare or warning, that changed. She was suddenly completely awesome and we were made for each other in every way. I know this because we had the same name and she completely ignored me. That is all of reasons that ten year old me liked a girl for the first time. What do boys know, right?

The secret is to just keep saying stuff, guys. The girls will figure it all out for themselves.

A lot of years later and, if I’m honest, things haven’t changed that much. Boys still need a girl to tell them when & how to be appropriately romantic, and if it’s best that we wear a shirt whilst deploying romance. Boys still say ludicrous things to girls in bars that are intended to express interest but are in all ways inane and… well, just stupid. And girls still sigh, and interpret these dumb things we say because they just know what we mean and we’d get it right if we could just get our knuckles off the ground long enough to read a book and get a decent wardrobe of vocubularic apparel together.

This is a scribblecrush for all the boys out there. The secret is to just keep saying stuff, guys. The girls will figure it all out for themselves.