Love Is: A Warrior

No relationship is without its difficulties; anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. This doesn’t mean love is a series of melancholic meanderings from one trouble to the next; that perspective is pessimistic and myopic. It means we will have challenges, but we should see them as opportunities for growth and a deeper understanding and unity between each other.

Being a ‘warrior’ is not about fighting with brutality, but about fighting intelligently; because love is not war. It is a canvas on which we create our lives together; sometimes in pastels, sometimes with glitter-glue, and yes: sometimes with a palette knife and thick viscous blood-red oils take months to dry in great cracked clumps. The result is an image created together; far greater than the sum of its parts, and more intangibly beautiful than everything we have been through to make it.

The smart warrior combats the issuesnot the person they’re facing; and picks their battles cautiously and deliberately, with the intent of together creating a better life beyond the moment.