Love Is: Sharing Headphones

One of the craziest things about falling in love with someone is that all the songs start making sense. Old songs you never particularly liked before become vitally important, and Top 40 stuff you’d never usually admit to listening to makes your feet tap and your heart bop. Suddenly you want to share all the music with that special someone, and say “See!? That’s exactly how I’m feeling!”

And it’s not just music; it’s pieces of poetry, books, movies, art: it seems desperately important to share all of it – because it feels like all the pieces have fallen together, you have clarity, the world is in focus in a way that you never imagined possible.

And the best thing is, when someone is sharing all their music with you, for once you don’t even think about all the gross ear wax on the headphones. You just bung it in your ear and grin like an idiot. No-one really gets these lyrics like you two – it feels like the music was written just for you. Together you find theme songs to the moments in your lives, and soon build a play mix of meaningful stuff that triggers incredible memories and emotions.

What song always gets you?