Love Is: Conquering Fears Together

Life provides innumerable reasons to be afraid. When we’re young, it’s fears of failing tests, or being caught stealing the loose change out of your mum’s purse. Then as we get a little older it can be fear of rejection by our friends, fear of not being good enough for someone special, the abject terror of having to live life without that amazing someone.

Then one day (when we do find that amazing someone) life gets more complex, the stakes get higher, and the fears get far more disgusting. Fears of financial problems, of making bad decisions, of not being good enough parents.

But when we rationalise these fears together and say to each other, “You know what? Even if things go terribly, we have each other – and we can solve any problem” everything becomes far more pragmatic and simple. Some decisions we make will be bad; that is the human condition. But we still have to get on with it! Knowing that you have someone you believe in and trust beside you, someone who returns that faith and strength, gives us the courage and determination to conquer our fears and get on with life.

Love and life isn’t about the problems we get ourselves into; it’s about how we take control together and work our way back to calmer waters.