The Viking Warrior

Mary C: Intrepid Explorer of the Seven Seas

It has been a few days since I was near enough to an Internet machine to post an update. I left on a rainy afternoon in a small raft, following the Great Southern Tuna migration through the icy Northern seas. I was hoping to catch something worthy of a great sandwich: Tuna, sweet-corn, mayonnaise and chilli flakes. Accompanied with honey mead, this is a kingly meal; but it does require a kingly tuna to make it.

For days and nights I battled high seas, bitterly cold all the while, until my little tub was bested by a great leaping narwhal. And but for the bravery and tenaciousness of +Mary C. it would have been the end of me: she is truly worthy of the title Viking Warrior.

So now I am safely home (a little soggy & salty) with no tuna for my sandwich, but a pot of hot vegetable soup is bubbling away to stave of the savage wintry darkness inside me – an isolating, solitary darkness only a true sailor could understand. And a certain Narwhal has a new nemesis.

In honour of this momentous story, a fellow viking warrior had me scribble this tale of bravery so that the heroics of +Mary C. would be forever remembered.

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