Love Is: Always With You

Being in love is not a hobby, not something you put aside until you get home from work or do after running errands. ‘New’ love, for example, is the love that drives us to complete and utter distraction and makes everything else nearly impossible. Remember when you were about sixteen, and that first love came out of nowhere? Do you remember how the entire world burst into vibrant colour from a single point of adoration?

Or maybe the first ‘grown-up’ relationship, where you shared some ‘serious’ stuff. Like living together, and planning holidays. Every decision you made included that very special one. What you would buy at the grocery store, what you would be doing on the weekend, whose family would host Christmas…

Or maybe you’re married, and that love is part of every single part of your being, every day. Maybe you share the really serious stuff: bills, a mortgage, a car (that can be tricky on rainy days when you both want it!) …kids.

If you’ve never been in love this deeply, it might seem suffocating and induce fits of claustrophobia. But for those who have, you know nothing is more intoxicating than wanting to share every part of yourself, everything you are and and everything you do, with that one person.

Because the love that is always with us is the one most precious. Nothing comes before it.