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Festive FUGU!

The non-traditional Christmas Sea-Meat Treat. Rich in tetrodotoxin!

The Viking Warrior

I left on a rainy afternoon in a small raft, following the Great Southern Tuna migration through the icy Northern seas. I was hoping to catch something worthy of a great sandwich: Tuna, sweet-corn, mayonnaise and chilli flakes. Accompanied with honey mead, this is a kingly meal; but it does require a kingly tuna to make it.

Beware the Christmas Kraken

Early reports this morning warn of a great beast, risen from the icy depths below the north pole. All mariners are warned to use extreme caution and to load all harpoons in preparation.

Painting the Hoard

When in Zack’s house, you had better come correct. And when it comes to the undead, no one comes more correct than Byron.


All I want for Christmas is to sent you this snowball. At velocity.

crash wallpaper


‘crash’ was one of my first scribbles. It is a self portrait, drawn on terrible paper with a terrible pen

for Simon ‘Ray’ Pam

Not five minutes ago while enjoying my moonlit repast, I spied two young lovers ‘neath a grove of poplars. They enjoyed the silvery light of the moon together, she reading tomes unknown while he looked to the heavens and named each glorious light for her.

Forty Five Years

For my parents WJ and EM who celebrate their 45th anniversary this month.

a Little Sister’s Love

We were as thick as thieves, and she looked up to me and followed me no matter what mischief I was up to.