Festive FUGU!

The non-traditional Christmas Sea-Meat Treat. Rich in tetrodotoxin!

Christmas Sea-Meat Seasonal Treat!

My travels take me to wond’rous strange places at times. I was researching rare delicacies from  far away lands when I came across this Seasonal sea-meat. Absolutely fascinating! A single 325g freeze-dried packet is soaked in water for 2 minutes, then oven-baked to produce a roast that will easily feed a family of eight.

For best results, stuff Festive FUGU! with “Yuletide Yams” before roasting. Your neighbours will be so jealous!

WARNING: Festive FUGU! is rich in delicious tetrodotoxin. Please contact your local morgue and enquire about the availability of beds prior to consumption.

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This is available for you to send to friends and family as a meCard.

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