Love is: trying new things together

Love is a huge adventure that we share with those special people in our lives: partners, kids & siblings alike. Often these people will ask us to try things we may have never imagined before: travel to scary places, eat exotic foods, learn to dance the polka. Anything can happen. Loving someone is having the courage to step outside of our comfort zone and have a go at something we may never have dared before. Being adventurous enough to say “this terrifies me beyond words, but if we do it together, I can be brave.”

I remember I took my little sister to Yum Cha (饮茶) in Sydney’s Chinatown once. She had absolutely no idea what to order, and as time slipped by and I stuffed myself with pork buns, she was running out of time. She looked at me and said “I trust you, order me something I will like.”

So I ordered her a type of stew made from offal. Stomach, heart, chicken feet etc. Lots of big arteries floating about the place. I am a big brother, after all.

She not only tried it (to my utter disbelief) – but I ate the entire thing to make up for it. Chewy!
It’s a little story of laughter we both cherish, a shared moment never forgotten.

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