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Bunny and Butterfly

Today is one of those days where I should be drawing many other things, but when I took the cap off the pen, nothing I wanted to to draw came out. Just other things. Bunny and Butterfly isn’t anything I meant to draw, but Flea likes it (especially the bit with the worm and the snail) so here it is.

the Ides of March scribblegraph Wallpaper Pack

Normally these would be filed away under Members Only Downloads – however, I’m well sleepy after a stupendously gluttonous birthday feast, and I’m still not in my right mind. So, I’ve decided to just give these away to anyone & everyone who wants them.


All I want for Christmas is to sent you this snowball. At velocity.

crash wallpaper


‘crash’ was one of my first scribbles. It is a self portrait, drawn on terrible paper with a terrible pen