Piggy in the Middle

A little bit of piggy in the middle… of the week! Hello Wednesday, you horrid thing. I’ve been having enormous dramas with the site lately – it’s sluggish and impudent. The menus don’t do anything I tell them to, and all the posts are higgledy-piggledy. Not to mention all the images that have taken off on the hoof; I can’t find them! Gallery after gallery just… gone.

I have managed to keep busy, though! It’s really wonderful to be doing a few bits & pieces with Shachihata (EU) – or Artline, as they’re called in my part of the world. But if you missed my last post, there will be a few scribbles on display at the Artline stand at the London Stationery Show – you can get all the details here. If you’re in London, you can win a signed print of the Big Pig Rig just by taking a selfie.

Anyhoo, this post is getting close to wrapping up the pig scribbles for a while – they’ve been a lot of fun but it’s nearly time to try something new! I’ve eaten way too much bacon lately in the name of research and it’s starting to show, no matter how much running I do in the mornings!

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