Love Is: sharing milkshakes

There are plenty of people we like – good friends we enjoy going to a café with, or booking a huge table at a nice restaurant. But the difference between the good friends and the people you truly love is simple: you’d share anything with the one you love.

Say you’re having your favourite meal, and all the bits are cooked just right, and the chef even used a little extra of your very favourite ingredient, and your mouth is just watering because you haven’t eaten all day. The one you love can reach over and steal the first mouthful, and you don’t care. That’s love. Your friends most likely end up slapped into the middle of next Wednesday. Am I right?

Love is the simple things like this. Sharing milkshakes together. Don’t underestimate the value of a love like that – it’s an irreplaceable closeness that is part of the patchwork of any healthy relationship:)