Love Is: big and sweet

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? How the mention of a certain name captured all of your attention? How your stomach would roll over, wibble and flollop; your hands fidget and your feet would want to dance but your skeleton has turned to rubber inside you?

Do you remember those very first moments? When the object of your affections said your name for the very first time, and you’d never quite realised you liked your name so much until that moment. How the weather seemed suddenly better, and your favourite love songs all suddenly made sense and seemed to all be written just for the two of you?

Do you remember those first sleepless days and weeks, when you would be on the phone until stupid o’clock in the morning, even though you both had to go to school or work? And you knew that the day would be just oh so long, and you would be tired beyond words, but you were already excited for 5pm so you could get home and do the same thing again? Logic and reason became something other people did, and that was just fine.

Do you remember that first kiss? How, despite all your projected cool and calm, you have a moment of legitimate concern that you make actually hiccup, burp or be quite ill at the very wrong moment because your entire body is nervous and you feel your entire life hangs on this kiss?

All of those things that make you feel like there are truly only two people on earth, and only one thing matters: your shared moments with them. A vast, unknown life reaches out past that moment, and you imagine all possible futures at once. All your ‘firsts’ are yet to happen, and you can hardly breathe waiting to experience it all.

Love should be like that – every day:)