Love Is: a drug

Love is a potent drug. A very dangerous one. It makes us act like complete fools; we do and say things we know we shouldn’t do or say at all. When in love, we dance and sing and run about like idiots, oblivious to any common sense or rationale. Our mind pours out from within us endlessly, and we drive everyone around us crazy with babbling and nonsense.

Love is hallucinogenic. We see life spread out before us infinitely in all directions, as we imagine our lives happy and complete in a thousand different ways at once. No one thing is unattainable; we can leap mountains, slay dragons and walk safely through fire swamps. It is the heart’s adrenaline, an insurmountable force of pure power and energy.

Love is a healing balm. It takes away so many hurts & fears where nothing else has helped. It eases our sleep and becalms our nightmares; it softens our days and brings a lasting peace and tranquillity. Scars that have endured the years seem to melt away; things irreparably broken inside finally begin to knit and regrow, becoming stronger with every moment.

But most of all, love is addictive. When you find a real, pure love – you cannot spend a moment without it. Your moments are filled with a desire and longing that obliterates all other thoughts within. Nothing is quite as important to you any more – all else is trivial when compared to this fiery passion.

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