Whale of a lie

“Tasty science-meat!
The Antarctic Minke-treat!
Japanese Research.”

WHALE OF A LIE • I utterly abhor this continued charade that the Japanese are whaling in our oceans in an effort to advance science; it is a ridiculously transparent fabrication. The Japanese are a highly intelligent people. They are formidable world leaders in fields of research and technologies. To imagine they have not already learnt all they can from a whale corpse beggars belief. Either their research scientists aren’t at all cut out of the fine fabric they’ve lead us to believe all these years, or there is another purpose behind this whale slaughter.

…in defiance of the court ruling, Japan’s ageing fleet steamed south again this week. It aims to kill 333 minke whales, a third the size of the last catch. The expedition, Japan says, is “scientifically imperative” if the impact of climate change and other factors on the animals is to be understood. Japan is killing to be kind, you see.
– Japan’s whaling fleets steam out to fight Western culinary imperialism

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