Viking Bunnyfolk Lore

Bunnyfolk Lore
Bunnyfolk Lore

Greatly revered in Nordic lore,
Are Viking Bunnyfolk of yore.
Defending land from Krakenbeast,
and roast the guts for dinnerfeast.

My most recent foray abroad took me far and wide, but most memorable were my days in Iceland. I went on a whim, to establish for myself if the rumours are true: you know, that Iceland is actually quite green, where Greenland is quite icy. As an undeniably endothermic Australian, all I can say for certain is that both places are cold beyond imagining. Like, the kind of cold in which you might hear a polar bear muttering “sod this for a lark“. That cold. …Yet somehow perfect for the Arctic Fox, Viking Rabbits and the odd Kraken – (but more on that later).

Why was I in Iceland, I hear you implore me to hurry up and explain? Well, my reasons were deux. Firstly, to visit the lovely people of Eyjafjallajökull for no other reason than to establish, once and for all, how one is supposed to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull. I left none the wiser, as no-one knew. Secondly, I wanted a pet companion; and I had my eye on an Arctic Fox. Once upon a time, they were the only mammal in Iceland (prior to humans) so I thought I’d go see how they feel about that. However, they can’t talk – and all I managed to learn from them was that “eyjafjallajökull” is, in fact, the noise they make when they yawn. Problem solved! And wow are they gorgeous little things.

Lastly, whilst rolling about in the snow with the fox pups, I found a little scrap of parchment that referenced the very first settlers to arrive in Iceland (after the Arctic Fox and before the people, that is) – the Viking Bunnyfolk. It told of a fearsome, ruthless and relentlessly vegetarian existence; of hoppity little adventurers that encountered and went axe-to-tusk with many sea-beasts on their journeys. This priceless etching of the heroic battle between infamous Viking Bunny Magnús Briem and a Krakenbeast was a real find! I thought +Mary C.  might enjoy it, what with her love of all things that wear a horned hat;)

I hope you enjoyed this travel blog, and stay tuned for a Fin Whale recipé that is sure to be the household centerpiece for every happy family this Christmas.

For more information about the arctic fox: