Wedding illustration – A Very Preciousss Moment

I was recently contacted by Kate & Nigel, a New Zealand couple who, while planning their nuptials, had happened upon my name in a somewhat lesser-known publication entitled “The Art of Sandwich”. (I had been interviewed some time ago due to the success of my Beef & Beetroot mash-up, but you can do your own research there.)

Anyway, Nigel is a man after my own heart; always searching for new meats and fills to better the future of the sandwich empire. He liked my creativity, and invited me and my support team over the frosty seas to their home in New Zealand to consult while wedding preparations and snack suggestions are gearing up.

Kate and Nigel were wonderful – they had plenty of little blankets lined up for me and the mice; and when you’re not used to winter in New Zealand that is very handy indeed. (There is indeed a fell voice on the air even on the sunniest of mornings, and one believes the cold would cripple even the mightiest of mountains.) The mice and I set up and prepared a few wedding favourites (a lot of cucumber, alfalfa and cold chicken – you get the drift) but we were soon embroiled in the rather demanding world of wedding fashion when asked to help the lovely couple in a dress rehearsal. I’m not going to belittle my abilities to learn on the fly and suggest I was out of my depth here, but it wouldn’t be entirely unfair to say the mice saved my skin on this one. They knew exactly how to get things done.

So I withdrew and spent the afternoon scribbling the scene; such a wonderful afternoon was had by all! Kate’s dress looks wonderful (no spoilers! I’ve altered its actual appearance here) and Nigel is resplendent in a top hat that is more to his size;)

…however, we did end up short one ring. Any ideas?

Illustration by request for “Kate Jones” and “Nigel Snott” – for use at their wedding. I was so very honoured to receive this request for such an important day in your lives. From me and all the mice – we hope it is absolutely perfect!