Piggy Bank

A little series of young piggy banks at play. I’m not sure if this will end up being used or not, but they’re a lot of fun to draw! I took Friday off and left Flea in charge of the sandwich bar (risky: she often eats more than she sells!) and went out to a local piggy bank farm.  All the piglets were out in the sunny weather, enjoying a bit of kite flying, playing at marbles and having a good ol’ mud bath.

I think I’d love to turn these images into postcards / greeting cards. There’s a fashion/art magazine in Australia called Frankie with wonderful production quality – I’d really love to see these as watercolour postcards there one day. Hey, you should tweet them (@frankiemagazine) and tell them what a great idea that is! I’d love to send pigs to a whole lot of people with recipes for maple-bacon pancakes on the back. Or maybe a mint-infused BBQ pork cutlet with a honey-glazed apple fritter. Gosh that sounds good. It must be nearly breakfast time, I’m so hungry and all I’ve had is coffee. I suppose it’s not very professional to sit here writing about being hungry while I aught to be talking about scribbling… but I’m completely ravenous. I’ve entirely forgotten what story I was inventing for today. Sorry!

Huge tank you for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday, everyone! x Ash · @scribblegraph

Gallery – all the young piggies.

The original illustration

Sus scrofa Bankus - the young piggy bank gang
Sus scrofa Bankus – the young piggy bank gang