Greedy Pigs

Never trust a skinny chef

from the save-your-bacon dept.

It was the best of thymes, it was the worst of thymes… so spake the greedy pigs!

Things have been interesting in scribble-land. First the good news: I’ve been illustrating for a website that has decided they like my work enough to have it plastered all over their homepage – pretty wonderful! And then on the flip side: one of my illustrations has been removed from my RedBubble store over a copyright claim. As an artist, I completely support this process; I’m just completely baffled by this one. The illustration Mara’s Heart ( for my friend Mara Mascaro has been pulled – by none other than Valve – no joke! Yes, the actual game developer. I have not seen their complaint yet, but RedBubble has actioned it & the process for copyright claim over my original illustration has begun. How absurd is that! A curse of ten thousand rabid frothing sea-urchins on their houses!

…Oh, I’m not saying Valve are greedy pigs — the post title is completely unrelated. Honest. P.S. I hear the Valve legal department are gentlemen of the very highest calibre. Fine men of honour, valour and all things h-ourly. I’m QUITE sure.

Oh, lastly – HUGE shout-out & THANK YOU to Shachihata (EU) who have been so supportive on Twitter recently (@ShachihataEU). It is really appreciated! And of course, I love the Artline® EK-231 😉

Finally – here’s the only Mara’s Heart t-shirt in existence. Worn by Mara Mascaro 🙂

The ‘Mara’s Heart’ t-shirt. Thanks Mara!