Easter with the Egg Bunny Army

Pte. Edward Hare of the Royal EBA (Egg Bunny Army) is one of many young rabbits busying himself this week with Easter preparations. He, with several other highly trained bunnies, is on security detail in the Master Egg Room where the year’s supply of rotund cocoa-based treats is stored; some 50 feet below an oak tree beside the vegetable patch. With children around the world whipping themselves into a frothing frenzy at the mere thought of a ‘Willy Wonka’ scaled weekend, no place could be more dangerous.

Pte. Hare will also be charged with watching over the master artisans responsible for sculpting, painting & decorating the eggs before they are brought to the surface via the hydraulic-powered Bunny Hopper. From there, the quickest hare of the year will sprint them in his specially-crafted hemp knapsack to the Egg Cannon from whence they will be blasted into houses around the world.

So keep brave young Pte. Hare in your thoughts this weekend, and hope his watch is peaceful. A very Happy Easter to you all, and may all your chocolates be divine!

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