Dream house

Street number 6

I’ve been awake since 3am re-organising the clutter on my desk to another area, and I discovered some old illustrations! These scribbles of a dream house or two, a car and a few hidden pets were for financial adviser Eleanor; winner of the 2014 AFA Adviser of the Year award. They have been used for various promotional material and as elements of a website.

The birdbath on “Plush Avenue” was a bit of a personal favourite, and there’s a few other little hidden bits & pieces for those that  enjoy the silly things in my scribbles. The ol’ jalopy was so much fun to draw – I worked from photographs of a Mercedes 500K (type W29) and pretty just made up stuff as I went along.

For the really observant, you will find some references in “Street number 6” to one of my favourite novels, my better half, and the story of how we ended up together… which is a pretty cool story:)

More illustrations from this project » scribblegraph.com/piggy-bank/

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