Her Dark Materials

A new book for a holiday

Recently, I was packing to head over east on a little holiday and needed a book. I had recently caught up to where Robin Hobb has left the Farseer series and needed something new. I thought of following Robin Hobb with Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials, and I’m devouring it. And I now have a strong desire to meet my daemon… haven’t we all:)

So I spent some time pondering what my daemon would look like, should I be able to see it. I used Pullman’s method of identifying three prominent traits… This was a lot of fun, and quite eye-opening. (Incidentally, it didn’t help that I’d just seen Zootopia and the idea of having a sloth for a daemon was pretty neat).

I still can’t see my daemon, although I strongly suspect it to be a type of hopping mouse. In his series, Pullman has a wonderful way of introducing a person to us by using three words that encompass them in a holistic way. I had to really think about three strong aspects of myself, and I chose Brooding, Intuitive & Capable.

A VERY well stocked artist’s studio where I stayed. LOTS of materials for scribbling and being very artsy. Perfect for people like me who don’t always travel with supplies.