Artline Droid model EK-231

scribbling the Artline Droid model EK-231

If an ‘EK-231′ sounds like someone R2D2 and C3PO might hang out with on boys’ night – that’s because it’s exactly what an EK-231 is. This might come as quite a shock, but stationery manufacturer Artline – the brand we all grew up loving – don’t manufacture stationery at all. It’s a complete sham¹. I was invited to tour their factory² recently and I peeked behind a few hastily closed curtains – the whole place is a Droid chop-shop.

I don’t know if they’re making surveillance bots, artificial companions or a fully-autonomous calligrapher-army, but it was pretty thrilling! Several EK-231 units and a bright orange EK-210 followed me home – delightful little chaps. They do the vacuuming and what-not, but they’re useless in the kitchen – I’m still making my own sandwiches. And chatty! they never shut up – it’s just bip-bi-doop-SQUARK all day long with this lot. But they love me, and it’s Valentine’s Day… I should be nice. I might take them through the car wash later.

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¹ …may not actually be a complete sham.
² …on my own, after dark, with wire cutters.