Love is not simple. There is no catalogue from which to choose whom we love; to ensure we find someone with perfect teeth, financial stability and a Shakespearean vocabulary. We might have a rough estimation of what we’re looking for when it comes to love – but all of those preconceptions and ideals go out the window the moment that person enters our life. It can be the least likely person you’d ever have imagined; someone that causes your friends and family to mutter quiet things amongst themselves just out of earshot… but it doesn’t change a thing. It simply never could.

Love can span any divide; of society, politics, religion, race and gender. The challenges that this puts before us can be enormously overwhelming; in this world that often tries to belittle and damage us not for something we have chosen but for a decision in which we had no choice.

But love is proud. It is a strength within to carry us when all else seems bitterness and anger. It is a haven when no-one understands. The pride we have in our partners, friends and family is a wisdom that creates an enduring unity, undeniable and uninhibited.

Have pride in the people you love, and be proud you understand and respect what that means when you see it around you. That is the choice you do have.


2 Replies to “Love Is: Proud”

  1. Unfortunately we don’t pick who we are in love with. If you are in love with someone who doesn’t love you all I know is you can let her go and in my situations let him go to. Be alone and sad for a long time, hope someone else comes into your life and the best known world for you and you will never leave

  2. Nurture and strengthen the nature to love with your head, to give it mastery over the natural inclination to love with your heart. The resulting relationship will ensure your own joy, endure through hard times and grow stronger over time, rather than fading away as reality emerges through the fog of heart felt infatuation.

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