Halloween Twenty·13
Halloween Twenty·13
Halloween Twenty·13

Happy Halloween twenty thirteen! I’ve had somewhat of a difficult day, what with my girlfriend eating my brains and all. I had just made a toasted Camembert sandwich and was about to feed the pumpkin beast when hey ho, she lops the top of my head in half and downs my cerebellum with a spork. Typical! Lately there’s just been oodles of cans of worms spilled al over the place, and the mice have had their mitts full trying to deal with that – so they couldn’t even provide a token defence. What is the good, I ask you, of having a mice minion army when they can’t even stop a (rather gorgeous, if I’m honest) quisling from nomming on your grey matter?

Mostly, this is just an absolute mish-mash of stuff and things. It is a Halloween celebration, and a congratulations to Yoon-Mi for something wonderful she has achieved, and it’s just full of things for her to find and enjoy. I rarely find time to just draw for ‘myself’ these days – and mostly when I can find time, I like to draw for her.

Artist: Ash “scribbleguts” Nathens.

Thanks to “I’m the plant that can make it all real” Artline.

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