I just need someone I can connect with.
I just need someone I can connect with.

Hoping to make a connection in a world utterly saturated with all-that-glitters seems a desperately futile task. Our attention span is becoming increasingly narrow, and the sheer amount of awesome required to truly impress people is, quite frankly, ridiculous. I pretty much entirely blame that stupid cinnamon challenge fad, but it’s a debate for another place and time. All I know is that finding someone wonderful to truly connect with is not impossible.

…Oh, a really great way to tell someone they’re super wonderful is to put them in this t-shirt. I highly recommend taking a laundry marker and writing a love-note to them on the back, then wrap it up in cellophane & send it in a box filled with those brightly coloured rubber bouncy balls kids get in vending machines. I bet that will get their attention (it worked for Sony). If that seems too much (but really – consider it – it’s inspired!) – you could send them a card or cover their fish tank with stickers.

As a silly little added bonus – if you do happen purchase this scribble on something via the RedBubble store, leave some feedback here and I’ll send you the PC wallpaper version! (You will need to be logged into scribblegraph to download it). Then your PC will feel all loved and it’s really seriously important to ensure your electrical goods aren’t forgotten on Valentine’s Day. Seriously. Zzzzzzap.

Here’s the stuff! (Hey, they’re links. Click them to go shopping!)

Apparel- "I just need someone I can CONNECT with."
Apparel- “I just need someone I can CONNECT with.”
Cards & post cards
Cards & post cards


Stickers for fish tanks (and other adhesive surfaces).
Stickers for fish tanks (and other adhesive surfaces).

7 Replies to “Making a love connection”

  1. I love this! I’ve just ordered the T-shirt for me and my boyfriend 😀
    …not the same T-shirt, I mean one for each of us… we won’t be slipping one on over both our heads. 😉

    1. Dear Flea – I «highly» suggest putting ONE t-shirt over both your headses… that’s how some of the really good loving starts! …and I think i did make promises about this apparel having… affect lé aphrodesiaque?

      All the best,
      xox the scribbler

      1. Dear scribbler,
        Thanks so much for your reply! As the advice is from you, and I believe everything you say, I shall broach the subject with my boyfriend and see where it goes from there… if you don’t hear back from me in a while…success! 😉

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